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Shingles vaccine

Shingles is the caused by the same virus as chickenpox Herpes Zoster virus. Once your contract the virus it can remain dormant and become active again later in life developing, into shingles.

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Vaccination Pricing

£210 per course

Signs & Symptoms

Symptoms include:

  • Pain & tingling
  • Rash with blisters
  • Fever

Rash can develop on the upper body on one side, also can develop on the neck, head and around the eyes.

Who is at risk?

You are at risk if:

  • You have a weakened immune system
  • Aged over 50
  • Become ill
  • Significate stress

The Vaccination

Ages (Years) Doses Required Schedule Boost Required
50 and over 1 N/A N/A

*Vaccines work best if given time to become active. This vaccine can be given up to the day before travel and will provide some cover.

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